Tony Laucevicius Founder of Veteran Entertainment Network

Tony Laucevicius

Navy Veteran, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker,

Veteran Educator

The idea of Veteran Entertainment Network came to me as I was going through the struggles of separating from service in 2012, even before I was out.  Even the process of transitioning out of the service was wrought with misinformation and frustration.  I was initially told I would receive a 10% disability rating and to "have a nice life".  Some good advice, a great lawyer, and $6,000 later, I received a medical retirement and 80% service connected disability rating, but it would take months to kick in.


After that, the roller coaster ride was exhausting!  There was no place I could go to get answers and I almost quit trying.  Luckily, I was surrounded by those who had not stopped fighting and learning, and I was determined to help others who had felt like giving up too.  Because, I refuse to accept the common mindset, that this merry-go-round they try to keep us on is normal. It is not okay.

As I began to use what I learned and passed it on to others, I could see the results; but it wasn't enough.  I needed a way to pass on the information to a greater audience, to help not just one person here and there, but to help as many as I could.  Luckily, technology has grown in leaps and bounds since my separation from service, and now, I can share what I have learned and encourage others to share their successes. VEN.LIVE breaks down the barriers and brings it all, directly to YOU!

Doing What I love

Breaking Down The Barriers

VEN.LIVE is a labor of love for my brothers and sisters in service, and the family members who support and sacrifice. I want it be the answer to your seemingly endless search for help. Together we can make everyone’s life a little easier.