The VA? Ugh!

We’ve all been there. We attempt to file for benefits, we go to the VA for healthcare, we apply for a VA home loan, we go to school to use our GI Bill, and it never fails, there is a problem. You didn't use the right form, you didn't turn it in on time, you don't even know where to start! What are the ins and outs of the processes? How do we know we’re doing it right, or, that we are getting the benefits we are supposed to have? Which Veteran Educator do we contact when we need direction or assistance? What questions do we even ask to get started? How do we talk to a real person? How is any one person supposed to know all this?! I've been there, I know the struggle.

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Veteran Entertainment Network brings it all together and addresses commonly faced issues​​

Signing up for benefits (it’s so easy!).

What to expect and/or do when you go to your first C&P appointment?


Timeline: What happens from transition to accessing VA services.


Knowing the difference in rating categories.


Understanding the VA scale and how they calculate your disability rating.


And More!

Christopher Merz

Tony! Great Video! Take care of those who took care of us!

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Haha very entertaining and informative! Thanks for the info, keep it up Tony!